24Hr Emergency Plumbing Services

Do You Have A Plumbing Emergency? Call (203) 792-7668

When you have an unforeseen emergency be it in the middle of the day or night, just call Eastern Mechancal Services at 1 866 Trust EMS (878 7836) or 1 (203) 792-7668 for immediate and assistance. We are your reliable 24 hour emergency plumbers serving the Western Connecticut region.

When your plumbing springs a leak or you experience a sudden burst pipe, you need a reliable company on your side that you can count on for emergency service. After all, plumbing emergencies can damage your home or business property in many ways the longer they go untreated – rest assured Eastern Mechanical Services is here to help.

Plumbing, Heating and AC Repair – 24 Hrs a day!

At Eastern Mechanical Services we handle much more than just plumbing, we are also experts at heating and air conditioning installation and repairs too, so if you are unfortunate to experience any type of plumbing, heating or cooling emergency, just contact Eastern Mechanical Services for a quick, efficient, and friendly service to get you back on track.

We know plumbing emergencies are serious matters for your home or business property. Emergency services can minimize any damage plumbing issues can cause such as rotting and bulging wood in walls and flooring, sagging and crumbling drywall which can lead to dangerous mold growth. As soon as you realize a plumbing issue just give us a call so we can handle your emergency quickly and help minimize any further damage to your property.

Remember when you have an unforeseen plumbing, heating or cooling emergency in the middle of the night, there is no need to panic. Just call Eastern Mechanical Services  on 1 866 Trust EMS (878 7836) for immediate assistance. We are your reliable 24 hour emergency plumbers serving the Western Connecticut region!

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