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Our service department has a commitment to excellence which is second to none, covering a large area of central and western CT.

From the management team to the technician in the field, EMS is dedicated to making sure that your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are in good working order. We will not overlook any detail pertaining to proper mechanical operation. Whether you have a 300 ton chiller or a mini-split air conditioner, we can trouble shoot, repair or replace it as needed. It is no problem for us if any mechanical HVAC system has failed or is faltering, we will find what is wrong and make the necessary repairs. Our technicians come equipped with a plethora of parts on our Sprinter vans to minimize logistical delays. Prior to sending a technician out to your site, we will make every effort to ascertain the nature of the difficulty in order to be best prepared to handle it quickly. We offer a maintenance agreement suitable for your building needs. We believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Talk to our service staff about what we offer in terms of maintaining your equipment.

Ask us about about installing GOSaver in your oil or propane fuel system feeding your heating appliance. This device is GUARANTEED to save you 7% of your facilities heating oil or propane gas consumption. Average results are nearly DOUBLE the guaranteed results, you have nothing to lose! GOSaver is a fuel reforming technology. More heat is generated by the same amount of fuel resulting from a catalyst that reforms the fuel into more combustible hydrocarbons. You will normally pay back the investment in the FIRST heating season. Call the experts at EMS for more information on this exciting technology and installation cost.